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Headshots and Physique Modelling Session with Clide Delaney

Actor Headshots and Physique Modelling Photography by Shooting Headshots


Clide Delaney came by Shooting Headshots recently to update his Actor Headshots.  In addition we took the opportunity to create some really stand-out Physique Modelling images. As well as being a very powerful actor, Clide is a guy who works incredibly hard on his physique and having some great shots to show it off is a must.

In order to bring variety to the images, we used a mixture of softness and a sharp edgy look. Keeping the light quite directional to bring out Clide’s strong features, we softened the shots for close ups.  Consequently this lends an warmth to the Headshots. For the Physique images we used a strong directional light which really brought a great contrast to the shots.

If you’d like to know more about our Headshot sessions and Physique Modelling Sessions just get in contact.